KJLC Offers New HiPIMS Power Supply

KJLC Offers New HiPIMS Power Supply »

Can be integrated to any existing sputtering system for process development and R&D applications 

The Kurt J. Lesker Company has introduced the IMPULSE HiPIMS power supply. This supply is a cost effective solution designed for implementing HiPIMS capability to smaller scale coating applications. It is ideal for process development and R&D applications and can be integrated to any existing sputtering system and sputtering source. This supply requires a DC power supply, which is converted to the HiPIMS power.

The IMPULSE unit has a 2kW output and is offered in both a Single and Dual configuration. The Dual configuration provides the ability to power two (2) independent sources up to 2kW each which is ideal for co-deposition. High repetition rates, up to 2 kHz, enable higher deposition rates with shorter pulses. Another option is to run 4kW into a single source, since both units can be set for either “master” or “slave” mode. The Dual option also has a DC bias option for the substrate.  If a researcher is using the Dual supply with a single source, he can use the additional supply for a DC bias on the substrate.

The IMPULSE has both front panel and remote control options with up to five user-selectable presets.

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