Globalfoundries to Demonstrate 56G Long-Reach SerDes at OFC 2017

Globalfoundries to Demonstrate 56G Long-Reach SerDes at OFC 2017 »

Globalfoundries, a provider of advanced semiconductor manufacturing technology, will exhibit and demonstrate its true long-reach 56Gbps SerDes core at the Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) Interoperability booth #3853 on March 21-23, during The Optical Networking and Communication Conference in Los Angeles, CA.

Key GF experts will be on hand at OFC to provide insight about its broad range of High-Speed SerDes (HSS) solutions and other innovative, high-performance ASIC solutions.

As a part of GF’s high-performance ASIC offering, FX-14, GF’s 56Gbps SerDes core supports both PAM4 and NRZ signaling, with the capability to equalize over 35dB of insertion loss, eliminating the need for expensive and power-hungry repeaters currently employed in the most challenging system environments. The company believes that with this architecture, the 56Gbps SerDes achieves long-reach performance that exceeds emerging 50Gbps industry standards by more than four orders of magnitude in BER.

Features include wide-range operation and sub-rate modes, multi-port configurations with multiple PLLs to allow for simultaneous data rate support, selectable parallel data widths, driver impedance calibration, asynchronous clock-data recovery, and aggressive dynamic equalization capability to enable 56Gbps operation over legacy systems while compensating for environmental variation.

The HS56GB cores are used to upgrade backplane designs that are designed to operate at lower rates. These cores can also replace a moderate-rate, parallel data bus with a single high-speed link. Incorporation of a series of 56G transmission links can enable a significant reduction of ASIC I/O, simplify system integration, and reduce overall system cost.

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