Ulvac launches dry etching system for advanced packaging substrate

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Ulvac launches dry etching system for advanced packaging substrate »

ULVAC has introduced the NA-1500 dry etching system for 600 mm advanced packaging substrates, providing for uniform Descum and Ti etching processes.

Higher data transfer speeds require high-density packaging technologies, while advanced mobile and wireless devices require thinner and higher-pin-count IC packages. Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging (FO-WLP) is widespread, while Panel Level Packaging increases substrate size from 300 mm to 600 mm.

While there are many 200 mm/300 mm wafer dry etching systems in the market today, there was no dry etching system for 600 mm substrate, providing for a uniform Descum process and Ti etching process. ULVAC developed the new system to address this need, and support mass-produced packaging processes.

The new NA-1500 dry etching system is made possible by enhancing our proven plasma source. Our plasma source enables fast, low-temperature etching in the resin layer, which had been previously impossible with existing CCP methods.

Our plasma source is also applicable to fluorine gases, so seed layer Ti etching, which requires a wet process, can proceed without side etching. SiO2 and SiN etching is available on the NA-1500 as well.

The NA-1500 dry etching system also provides stable transfer and processes without abnormal discharge, ensuring warpage from the enlarged substrate is never an issue.

ULVAC has sold more than 200 dry etching systems since releasing our first 200 mm wafer system 20 years ago. As electronic components become smaller and thinner, and higher-speed processing works on lower power in line with developments in IoT, manufacturing technologies for advanced packaging become more important. ULVAC supports this industry by providing systems that meet customer's future needs for flexible, invisible and wearable devices.

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