SEMATECH and ISMI to focus on manufacturability at SPIE

SEMATECH and ISMI to focus on manufacturability at SPIE »

Engineers from SEMATECH and the International SEMATECH Manufacturing Initiative (ISMI) will deliver more than 30 papers and posters during the SPIE Advanced Lithography conferences next week in San Jose, CA.

With an overriding emphasis on the manufacturability of current and emerging technology options to take the industry to 32nm half pitch and beyond, including extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography, 193nm optical lithography extensions, and related areas of metrology, inspection, and process control. Among the global semiconductor communitys leading gatherings, the SPIE conference series attracts thousands of specialists in various aspects of lithography and related metrology, two of the most challenging areas of advanced microchip production. SEMATECH and ISMI engineers will report their progress on some of the most critical determiners of lithographic manufacturability, such as defect free EUV mask blanks, defect free reticle handling, resist outgassing procedures, projection quality high index lens materials, generation 3 high index fluids, and techniques in scatterometry, CD-SEM metrology, and process control.

SEMATECH continues to lead the development of EUV infrastructure and to demonstrate breakthrough results. We have made tremendous progress on several critical issues, said Michael Lercel, SEMATECHs director of lithography, and were the only consortium pursuing high index lens materials and fluids to extend 193nm immersion. Across the board, our lithography program is focused on developing manufacturable technologies, thats what our members want, and thats what well report on at SPIE.

ISMIs metrology program is focused on the 32nm and 22nm generations, to facilitate lithographic innovation, said John Allgair, ISMI metrology program manager and the chair of SPIEs conference on metrology, inspection, and process control for microlithography. But our presentations at SPIE will also clearly reflect ISMIs mission to improve manufacturing productivity and reduce manufacturing costs.

Highlights of SEMATECHs presentations at SPIE, which outline breakthrough results from SEMATECHs lithography programs at the University at Albanys College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering, include:
Future Projection Lithography, Optical or EUV?
Ion-beam deposition for defect-free EUVL mask blanks;
Ion-beam deposition for defect-free EUVL;
Status of EUV-reticle handling solution in meeting 32 and 22-nm HP EUV Lithography;
Sub-50nm cleaning-induced damage in EUV mask blanks;

Key ISMI presentations in the Metrology, Inspections, and Process Control conference include:

Measurement of high-k and metal film thickness on Fin FET sidewalls using scatterometry;
impact of sampling on uncertainty: semiconductor dimensional metrology applications;
Characterization of CD-SEM metrology for iARF photoresist materials;

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