SUSS Microtec launches third-generation platform

SUSS Microtec launches third-generation platform »

SUSS MicroTec, Germany-based semiconductor equipment supplier, has launched the third generation of its ACS200 Coating and Development Platform for the Advanced Packaging, MEMS and LED markets.

The ACS200 Gen3 is said to offer an excellent mix of components from the existing ACS200Plus and Gamma platforms, bridging the gap between research and development, and high volume manufacturing.

The base frame provides multiple configurations; for example, up to four wet process modules with up to 19 plates, or two wet process modules and two spray coater modules with up to 13 plates.

Meanwhile, the coater module offers open bowl spin coating as well as the patented GYRSET closed cover coating technology. Disposable process bowls can be used without compromising flow dynamics or exhaust flows.

“The ACS200 Gen3 combines innovative design and production proven functionality with the modularity of our ACS200Plus and the compactness of our Gamma platform,” says Frank Averdung, President and CEO of SUSS MicroTec. “With this new generation we can offer an outstanding coater / developer platform designed for precision and high yield production while focusing on low cost of ownership.”

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