The Directory will be accessed 500,000 times this year, are you ready.

We can offer your company 2 avenues to promote your company on our site, over and above the normal FREE company listing within the directory.

Category Main Banner

This is the most effective and high profile sponsorship available. We will put your web banner (468x60px) on top of every page within your chosen category. We will also give you use of our unique tracking systems so you can see how many visitors have looked at your company banner, and how many visitors have clicked on your banner and gone through to your web site. The tracking system also allows for you to view who has clicked through and shows you which companies you are attracting.
Cost: £495 per month

Category Button Banner

This is a smaller banner placed on every page within your chosen category. It is 120x90px and can contain what ever you wish. It can be designed by your company, or we can design it for you. This banner will then click through to your website and we add our own tracking system upon it so we can tell you which companies have clicked through and how many unique visits you achieve.
Cost: £195 per month.

For more information contact:

Shehzad Munshi
T: +44 (0)1923 690215
F: +44 (0)1923 690201



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