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University nanoFAB facility extends capabilities with Oxford Instruments »

Ultratech sues Ensure NanoTech »

STMicroelectronics and Autotalks Cooperate to Deliver V2X chipset »

Cymer announces new DUV light source »

EV Group Establishes Nanoimprint Lithography Competence Centre »

Eyelit’s Advanced Integrated Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Selected by BinOptics »

Sensirion strengthens worldwide distribution network »

SPTS system Selected by Mapper Lithography for New Russian Fab »

Advantest New System Improves Testing For Display Driver ICs »

Soitec, SK Innovation to Collaborate On Advanced Semiconductor Materials »

Lam Research Ships 100th Syndion Etch Module »

Atmel Launches Wide-Vcc Low-Power Temperature Sensor »

SmartKem Announces New TFT Fabrication Facility »

Credo enables ASSP, ASIC and SoC designers »

Dynaloy Address Demand in the Semiconductor Industry for Safer Cleaners »

New BAW MEMS Gyros Target Industrial Applications »

Brewer Science Present Next-Generation Voice Activation Technology »

Brewer Science Showcase Next-Generation Military Nanotechnology »

USA University expands research capabilities with Oxford Instruments »

AMD Awarded $32 Million for 'Extreme Scale' High-Performance Computing Research »

Kateeva Introduces Equipment Solution to Mass Produce OLED Manufacturing »

WinWay Acquires Wentworth Vertical Probe Card Products »

Precision Hall-effect angle sensor ICs »

Amtest Group Provides Coating Equipment to APRI »

RIE An enabling technology for MEMS fabrication »

mCube Wins Technology Showcase Competition with its Software Gyro »

Dow announce new materials enabling CMP »

SENTECH at the ALD China Conference 2014 »

DuPont Introduces Pure Copper Conductive Ink »

Altis Joins eSilicon's Online Multi-Project Wafer Quote System »

Qualcomm Joins SRC's Trustworthy and Secure Semiconductors and Systems Initiative »

Nanotechnology aids in cooling electrons without external sources »

Cavendish Kinetics Secures Funding to Accelerate the Growth of RF MEMS Market »

Applied Materials Develops Advanced Patterning Solution for Memory Devices »

Plan Optik opens new 200 mm MEMS cap wafer line »

Imec manufactures image detectors for FEI’s scanning electron microscopes »

Hi-Tech Elevates Manufacturing Capability with Addition of DEK Tool »

SiTime is acquired by MegaChips »

Edwards Opens New Vacuum Service Centre in China »

Synopsys IC Compiler II Enables Silicon Success »

KLA-Tencor announce recapitalization »

Apple and Samsung Drive Adoption of Next-Generation Sensors »

ASM Assembly Systems Lands Global Technology Award »

Panasonic F Solutions Include Koh Young in the PanaCIM Certified Technology Program »

Keithley improves safety in power device testing »

HORIBA releases LabSpec 6 MultiWell for Raman »

Retronix Semiconductor Restructures to Accommodate Growing Demand »

Plansee expands production in Korea. »





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