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ICsense reports record growth »

A magnetic memory bubbling with opportunity »

A Different Type of 2D Semiconductor »

Lasertec launches SiC wafer inspection and review system »

SUSS MicroTec Receives Large Order for Lithography Projection Scanners »

Better smartphones? Nanosheets given local magnetic properties »

IHS: Rising Flexible Display Technology Patents Herald Future Growth »

Leti Demos MEMS Fabrication on its 300mm Line »

Power Module Market to Comprise One Third of the Power Semiconductor Market by 2019, IHS »

IHS: Power Module Market to Comprise One Third of the Power Semiconductor Market »

Alcatel-Lucent acquires Mformation for IoT »

Microcontroller Market Growth Tied to Rise in IoT Applications »

Dialog Semiconductor to acquire Atmel for $4.6 billion »

Infineon Extends Lead in Power Semiconductor Market »

SPTS Technologies Achieves $1B Export Sales of Semiconductor Equipment »

Tessera to Acquire Ziptronix, Inc. for $39 Million »

Nanowires Have Unusually Pronounced Anelastic Properties »

Entegris Expands CMP Filtration Technology Solutions »

Automotive Industry Now the Third Largest End Market for Power Semiconductors »

Tezzaron Announces World’s First Eight-Layer Active Wafer Stack »

Advanced Packaging And 3D-IC Market Driving Strong Growth For EV »

Laith Altimime Joins SEMI as President of SEMI Europe »

US Defence Department Selects FlexTech Alliance to Build Next-Gen Technology »

EV group organizes photonics workshop »

Thin ribbon of flexible electronics to monitor health, infrastructure »

Patent Awarded to Improve Measurement Triggering for Rotating Carriers »

Altaaqa Global announce new Chief Commercial Officer »

ARM announce agreement with Fulcrum Technologies »

OEM Group Receives Repeat Endeavor AT System Orders »

Microcontroller Unit Shipments Surge but Falling Prices Sap Sales Growth »

Government support for Infineon »

As Utilities Get Smarter, Smart Meter Semiconductors Rise »

Hundred-fold improvement in temperature mapping reveals the stresses inside tiny transistors »

Better welding with speedy laser mirrors »

Quantum Hall effect: Quantization of 'surface Dirac states' could lead to exotic applications »

Samsung Cuts Intel’s Semiconductor Sales Lead in 2Q15 »

Plasma Etch releases first plasma etching system requiring no CF4 gas »

Oxford Instruments is ‘Bringing the Nanoworld Together’ in India for the Fourth Time »

President Obama Initiative to Strengthen U.S. Leadership in Supercomputing »

Mid-Year Global Semiconductor Sales Ahead of Last Year's Pace by 4 Percent »

Small tilt in magnets makes them viable memory chips »

SPTS Receives a $16M Multiple Order from WIN Semiconductors »

On the way to breaking the terahertz barrier for graphene nanoelectronics »

Infineon Delivers Ten Millionth Radar Chip for Cars »

Morgan Advanced Materials invests in the semiconductor market »

SEMI Applauds International Trade Agreement Breakthrough »

NOVA Extends Its Optical CD Portfolio »

New Systems Lets Semiconductor Fabs Automate Factory Control Procedures »





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