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New method of producing hybrid nanowires »

Molybdenum disulfide opens door to low energy consumption electronics »

Pairing old technologies with new for next generation electronic devices »

Australian researchers pioneer graphene process using epitaxial SiC »

Understanding graphene's electrical properties on an atomic level »

Future electronics may depend on lasers, not quartz »

A new multi-bit 'spin' for magnetic random access memory storage »

Basic chemistry could extend Moores law »

Silicon sponge enhances lithium-ion batteries »

Researchers show low temperature deposition of GaN for TFTs »

Keeping electronics cool »

Enhancing energy savings with wireless network on a chip »

Closing the gap in silicon nanowires »

Could new transistor material displace silicon? »

New type of transistor could reduce current leakage »

2D transistors take on silicon to speed up electronics »

MEMS and III-V lasers unite to enhance 3-D imaging »

New NIST FIB microscope doesn't lie »

The Greek hero of storage class memory »

2D self-assembling material may produce transistors »

Lighting up silicon photonics »

Exotic material can shrink electronic devices »

Creating nanowires three atoms wide with an electron beam »

Magic molbdenite and silicon create solar cells and LEDs »

Spasers could bring mobiles to T-shirts »

Nanostructures trap photons in ultrathin silicon solar cells »

Back to basics for new memory materials »

Harvesting hydrogen from sunlight with porous silicon »

Domain walls in nanowires enhance data storage »

Optical device could enhance information processing »

Miniature microchips that keep their cool »

Optical info processing on chips inspired by brain »

Novel source-gated transistors could enhance future electronics »

3D SEM metrology developed for 10nm structures »

Nanoscale optical switch breaks miniaturisation barriers »

Silicon carbide goes quantum »

A tiny chip could transform phones into projecters »

Enhancing power efficiency for future computer processors »

Taking memory a stage further »

A new kind of electronics »

Silicon and III-Vs unite to quicken heart treatment »

Add light to speed up computing »

Silicon photonics takes a step forward »

Is SiGe transistor cooler than III-Vs? »

Smarter caching »

Pomegranate shaped silicon extends battery life »

Electronics: Graphene on SiC takes on silicon »

Spintronics advances with vanadium dioxide on silicon »





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