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Scientists Reveal Inner Workings of Atomically Thin Transistors »

Consortium Integrates Laser on Silicon with Modulator »

Small tilt in magnets makes them viable memory chips »

German - US team make competitor to graphene »

Beating the heat problem in computer chips »

One Step Closer to a Single-molecule Device »

Electrical control of quantum bits in silicon paves the way to large quantum computers »

New understanding of electromagnetism could enable 'antennas on a chip' »

Materials scientists putting new spin on computing memory »

Ultra-sensitive sensor detects individual electrons »

Researchers design liquid crystal to overcome challenges posed by organic field effect transistor materials »

A new step towards using graphene in electronic applications »

Nanoscale solution to big problem of overheating in microelectronic devices »

Laser-induced graphene ‘super’ for electronics »

New superconducting hybrid crystals developed »

Graphene enables all-electrical control of energy flow from light emitters »

Scientists advance development of laser-induced graphene (LIG) »

Cool Silicon sets International Standards »

Purdue University achieves semiconductor milestone with germanium »

Thin-Film Hybrid Oxide-Organic Microprocessor »

New technique allows low-cost creation of 3-D nanostructures »

Breakthrough in flexible electronics enabled by inorganic-based laser lift-off »

New semiconductor device could lead to better photodectectors »

Revolutionary Solar-friendly Form of Silicon Shines »

In search of new materials »

All the electronics that's fit to print »

Nanotechnology aids in cooling electrons without external sources »

Super stable garnet ceramics may be ideal for high-energy lithium batteries »

Semiconductor “Dust” Enables Low Cost Solar Cells »

New technique offers prospect of silicon detectors for telecommunications »

Quick-change materials break silicon speed limit for computers »

New technology may lead to prolonged power in mobile devices »

New dimension for integrated circuits: 3-D nanomagnetic logic »

New generation of transient electronic devices »

Graphene looks promising as a flexible, low-cost touchscreen solution »

Technique offers prospect of silicon detectors for telecommunications »

Engineers unlock potential for faster computing »

Ultra-fast semiconductor nano-lasers »

UCSB scientists create silicon-based laser for DARPA »

Beyond silicon, a new contender emerges »

Luceda Photonics recieves finance for photonic IC design »

Materials other than silicon for next generation electronic devices »

New species of electrons can lead to better computing »

Atomically seamless, thinnest-possible semiconductor junctions crafted by scientists »

Layered graphene sandwich for a new generation of high frequency devices? »

Morgan collaborates with University For Graphene Development »

University of Washington makes 2D semiconductor junctions »

US researchers claim competitor for graphene »





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