MegaChips, Omni Design, collaborate on low-power analog front end (AFE) chips »

Renesas Announce Fin-Shaped MONOS Flash Memory Cells for 16/14nm Process Nodes »

Dow to Invest in New R&D Jobs Aligned to U.S. Economic Growth »

Imec and Holst Centre Introduce First Solid-State Multi-Ion Sensor for IoT Applications »

Nanotechnology could be the silver bullet in war on cancer »

Largest PV & energy storage microgrid in China connected by Sungrow »

Soitec posts net profit »

Rigaku announces reflective optics for high speed printing of chip patterns »

Charging forward – Powerstar launches Virtue EV »

EV GROUP, NNFC deliver development program on novel display coatings »

ClassOne Reports Record Sales »

President Obama blocks Aixtron takeover »

Cabot Microelectronics and KFMI collaborate on CMP pads »

Infineon teams up with Chinese on security for the smart home »

Senior industry figures join ClassOne board of advisors »

ON Semiconductor to debut scalable design platform for next generation wearable »

X-FAB and efabless launch open mixed-signal design challenge »

Averna expands with new facility »

Start-Up funding for Revasum for acquisition »

Feature: New inverters increase grid-scale PV efficiency »

memsstar completes installation of two MEMS etch systems for Bosch »

Security for the Smart Home: Infineon teams up with Chinese »

RoodMicrotec sales growth outpacing semiconductor market »

Orbotech selected by Huatian for 3D wafer-level packaging applications »

SUSS MicroTec announces strategic alliance with Kanematsu »

Disco develop polisher which supports CMP of difficult-to-process materials »

Infineon is growing faster than the market »

Microsemi new PIN diode to increase RF performance »

Rhosonics launches new concentration meter »

Watlow introduces modular I/O data logger »

Lam Research announces $1.3 billion capital return program »

Feature: MES Migration: Don’t put your head in the sand. »

SMIC launches first 12 Inch IC production line in South China »

SMIC and IMECAS sign agreement for MEMS R&D and foundry platform »

Tesla acquisition of SolarCity receives shareholder approval »

Infineon enables next generation of power distribution architectures »

New low-cost 24 GHz transceiver system modules powered by Infineon »

Delta to acquire Unicom »

DIsco announces new dicing saws »

Isabellenhütte launches new measurement technology product »

Murata Manufacturing acquires Primatec »

EDF and Stornetic collaborate on advanced smart grids storage solutions »

Analog Devices Acquires Laser Beam Steering Technology from Vescent Photonics »

SPTS Technologies receives order from Nanium »

Deputy Prime Minister of Liechtenstein meets with Samco »

Chemetall opens new precision microchemicals technical centre »

Rigaku Announce Precision EUVL Optical Coatings for Manufacturing Reflective Mirrors »

ON Semiconductor launches integrated solutions for power management »





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